Jan Tournier was trained in classic French cuisine. After several internships and an initial kitchen placement at the Antwerp Hilton, he went to work for Het Gebaar. He went on to refine his technique under the wing of Roger Van Damme, where he learnt the basic techniques of modern cuisine.

This provided the perfect foundations for his own restaurant. In 2009, Jan revisited his roots in Lommel and opened Cuchara in his grandparents’ house. What began as a small and cosy eatery soon grew, thanks to Jan’s fine-ding artistry, into one the country’s most creative restaurants. Five years later he received his first Michelin star, and in 2019 he was awarded a second.

Today, Jan serves balanced dishes that place the product centre stage. He starts from the principles of classic French cuisine and takes inspiration from Japanese flavours to create an intriguing modern twist. His passion for the profession shines through the strikingly presented dishes. This, along with the exceptionally minimalist setting, creates a scintillating total experience to fire up the senses.

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